ICT Cluster for Innovations, Education, Design and Technology

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Until then, you can contact us via email contact@ictcortex.me

We are ICT cluster of IT companies in Montenegro for Innovation, Education, Design and Technology

We intend to be a synonym for a mechanism that will encourage trust, synergy, exchange of knowledge and technology among its members,which will further create space for better business of the IT sector of Montenegro, creating, monitoring and setting the global professional IT trends.

ICT Cortex was founded by rewarding innovative organisations which represents 50% of total Montenegrian lab market for Information Technologies and Design.

Our founders make 10% of total export of Montenegro. Most of them work on International market with International Companies such as: Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nintendo, IBM, BMW, Burger King, Prada, Deutsche telekom, Erste Bank, etc.

Board of Directors

Sanja G.

Sanja Gardašević
Co-Founder & CEO at Alicorn
President of the Board of Directors at ICT Cortex

Nenad N.

Nenad Novović
Founder & CEO at Amplitudo
Board member of ICT Cortex

Branimir B.

Branimir Bukilić
Co-Founder & CEO at Data Design
President of the Assembly at ICT Cortex

Dejan P.

Dejan Petković
Co-Founder at Coinis
Board member of ICT Cortex

Filip A.

Filip Anđelić
Co-Founder & CEO at Oykos Development
Board member of ICT Cortex

Ivica T.

Ivica Tatar
Co-Founder & CEO at Logate
Board member of ICT Cortex

Milos M.

Miloš Milošević
Co-Founder & CEO at Fleka
Board member of ICT Cortex

Our executive team

Tarik Z.

Tarik Zaimović

Vesna P.

Vesna Purić

Tanja D.

Tanja Dukić

Milena A.

Milena Aković

Valentina B.

Valentina Beg Deljanin

Ferida M.

Ferida Mandić

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Street Romanovih 33
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro
phone: +382.67.439.889,
email: contact@ictcortex.me

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